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INTAT Production Process

Our process begins by melting iron utilizing our five 10 ton medium frequency melting furnaces, two 50 ton channel holding furnaces and another 65 ton channel holding furnace.

Followed by our molding process utilizing a Disamatic 240A (with a 750mm x 600mm mold size) in Plant 1 and a Disamatic 2013 Mark 5 (with a 650mm x 535mm mold size) in our Plant 2 facility.

Our in‑house core department uses the Isocure process with four Laempe machines.

For quality tests we can utilize the following equipment: Baird 26‑element spectrometer, Baird 11‑element spectrometer, CMM layout machines, Surface tester, Realtime X‑ray machine, Brinell Hardness machine, Vickers Hardness machine and Leco carbon sulfer analysis machines.


Plant 1
(3) 10-ton Medium Frequency Melt Furnaces
(2) 50-ton Channel Holding Furnaces
Plant 2
(2) 10-ton Medium Frequency Melt Furnaces
(1) 65-ton Channel Holding Furnace


Plant 1
DISA 240A Molding Machine
Plant 2
DISA 2013B Molding Machine

Pattern and Layout

(2) CMM Layout Machines (1) Faro Arm 3D Scan System


Plant 1
(2) Sinto Lip Pour Units
Plant 2
(1) Inductotherm Pressure Pour Unit


Plant 1
Speed Mullor & Hartley Control
Plant 2
Speed Mullor & Hartley Control

Shot Blast

Plant 1
(3) Sinto Barrel Blast
Plant 2
(1) Pangborn Continuous Blast


(4) Laempe Isocure Core Machines (1) Dry Ice Blast


(5) Hydraulic Trimming Presses (1) Robotic Grind Unit
(1) Sinto Barrinder
Manual Grinding Cells with UT capability

Spectro Lab

Sand Lab

Baird Spectrovac 26 Element Spectrometer
ARL 11 Dietert Spectrometer
(2) Leco Carbon Sulfur Analysis Machine
Dietert Universal Sand Tester
Dietert 3Ram


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