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INTAT is a global manufacturer of OEM cast and machined precision ductile iron castings serving the automotive industry. We are currently seeking numerous positions both hourly and salary to fill our new production line requirements scheduled to start in late 2013 at our Rushville, IN foundry.  INTAT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Hourly Opportunities

Interested candidates looking for employment opportunities as an hourly team member should go to the local Rushville WorkOne located at 103 N Morgan St. Rushville, IN 46173. Qualifications for hiring are as follows:

  • Must have High School Diploma or GED

  • No or very limited criminal background

  • Endure hot climates for up to 12 hours a day

  • Able to work varying shifts that may change by Seniority

INTAT does not accept Resumes or Applications at the Plant. Canadates must go through the local WorkOne office or WorkOne's website  

Salary Opportunities


Interested candidates looking for salaried positions should visit the local WorkOne. Posted salaried positions will be updated regularly by Human Resources on our website. Apply for a salaried position by going to Rushville’s WorkOne office or WorkOne's website and inform them which position you are interested in. Human Resources will contact you, if qualified for available position to schedule an interview.

Out of State Candidates

Please contact WorkOne at 765-932-5921 x2601 to get the password to submit through our website. Only Out of State Candidates or previously approved applicants should apply directly with INTAT.


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